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Take a glimpse by reading this thrilling book by a bright new author, Temitope B. Lawrence.



The story that takes your breath away. Temmy Lawrence’s master thriller is out now!

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Cycle Of Sins


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Cycle of Sins


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About Temmy Lawrence

Ms. Temitope B. Lawrence is one of the emerging writers on the contemporary scene. She has a penchant for keenly observing the events happening in the world at the moment, those that have happened, and she also likes sharing her views about the things that might happen in the future. Her deep understanding of the world’s current political, social, and economic circumstances. However, she does have a thing for fiction, which adds suspense and excitement to her work for the readers to consume and enjoy. Her subtle writing style is a treat for all those who seek comfort in reading and use it as a coping mechanism against the stresses caused by real-life challenges.

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About The Book

In her latest book, Ms. Lawrence talks about the end of the G7 summit and the role of the biggest countries in the world. The book is set in the year 2030, and in that time, the nations are on the lookout for ways to regain economic stability that was affected severely by the pandemic ten years earlier. Sadly, another danger is hovering above their heads; Mortifer, a terrorist group, is posing that threat. The group has at their disposal some high-level biochemical weaponry that they are using to attack everyone that stands against them. The time has come for the world’s people to break the cycle and put an end to the menace that is threatening their safety and sovereignty.

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